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Succulent Garden Candle by Moto Madre Co.

$ 30.00

Transform your space into a lush oasis with our Succulent Garden Candle by Moto Madre Co.


Crafted from a luxurious coco/soy wax blend, this candle is a delightful fusion of sophistication and nature. Infused with the invigorating scent called "Beautiful Day," it brings a refreshing ambiance to any room. Each candle is adorned with vibrant wax succulents near the wick, adding a pop of color and whimsy to its elegant design.

Whether you're unwinding after a long day or entertaining guests, let the tranquil aroma and charming aesthetics of our Succulent Garden Candle elevate your surroundings!



Coco/Soy Wax Candle - Beautiful Day Scent


Need a same day delivery after 1pm?  Give us a call  at 312.432.1800 and we may be able to help!

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